Books I’m Reading, and an Upcoming Bit of Coolness by Mandy Rosko

Yes, I’m using coolness as a word. Don’t judge me, this is going to be awesome. Awesome might be a tad on the subjective side for those who hear about it when I can finally reveal it, but right now I’m super excited and think this is really sweet 😀

Anyway, this will be a short post today about the things I’m up to and how you can find ideas for anything pretty much anywhere.

Currently I’m reading Afterworlds, but Scott Westerfeld, and I’m loving it. The premise is interesting and one I haven’t seen before. A young girl writes a book during Nanowrimo and manages to get it published, so it’s a romance about meeting another writer in New York, going to find an apartment, and then getting on tour and learning all she can from the pros. At the same time, every other chapter is the paranormal romance novel that she wrote, so it’s basically a two in one 😀

I love this idea. Rainbow Rowell is doing something a little similar with a spin off to Fangirl, a novel I totally loved because it spoke to my younger self who wrote fanfiction but was embarrassed by it, and then my adult self who still reads some of it today. Carry On will be a whole book dedicated to that fanfiction, which is basically supposed to be a take on Harry Potter, what with the mages, and constantly talking about how those books made everyone’s childhood and so on.

Carry On comes out in October, and I absolutely cannot wait for that book to come out. I need that book. Seriously. I even bought the Chapters special edition of Fangirl just so I could get the different looking cover, the ribbon book mark, the interview at the end, and the first chapter preview of Carry On, though I’ll be honest, I’m somewhat hesitant to read it because I know reading it will just make me crave it that much more, and there’s only so much excitement I can take while waiting five months for something I really want to come out.

Anyway, this got me to thinking, what with my new Wattpad craze, that this is an interesting way to mix in my love of fanfiction with my love of writing original works. Doing them both together. Both novels Scott Westerfeld did were neither of them based on any fanfiction, but I still love the premise, and now want to play with ways of mixing them together.

I’m super excited for this idea and want to start playing with it, but right now I need to update my Wattpad story, it’s getting late 😉




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