What I’ve Learned: Secret #19: A Primer to Self-Publishing

I’m not going to go into details, but I’ll give the basics of self-publishing. I started photo 2self-publishing because one of my publishers closed, and they returned rights to me.  Bless them for doing that.  But in the meantime, a bunch of my books had become inaccessible to readers.

Here’s what to do.  The basics mind you. Read everything below before you start.

1. Write a great book. The best book you possible can. Edit it over and over. Read it aloud.

2. Hire a professional editor to edit your book.

3. Hire a cover artist.

4. Write back cover copy. Write also an advertising blurb to interest the reader. Be prepared with keywords and categories that describe your book.

5. Make a decision on whether to make a print book or email book or both.

6. Check out CreateSpace. There are even books about it, but CreateSpace has it’s own detailed how-to information. https://www.createspace.com/  I have not used their additional paid services so I cannot advise on that. I’ve come in with my manuscript in great shape and a professional cover.  Someone recently said in a webinar that you can make your ebook format from your CreateSpace format easier. I don’t know about that but it’s something to check into. CreateSpace is part of Amazon.  You can distribute from here.

7. Kindle Direct Publishing is my favorite, though I’ve also set up for CreateSpace. For some reason I can format easier for them. They also have a free ebook that tells you how to do it. https://kdp.amazon.com/signin  You can also distribute from Kindle.

8. Smashwords is another way of formatting and distributing. http://www.smashwords.com/  This is only for ebooks, but their “meat grinder” sets up your book in all the popular formats. You can also choose to have them distribute to them from Smashwords. Before you submit your manuscript, you want to read and follow the detailed directions in their manual.  When you submit your manuscript to Smashwords, you will also get approval if the formatting is correct. If not, you will get a notice as to what is wrong and you go back in and fix your formatting. You will need a professional cover. They also have a list of formatters in case you feel that you’re not up to it.  Then you decide whether you want them to distribute for you to Kindle, Nook, etc.  Note that Smashwords takes a small commission and so does each ebook store.  Because I format in Kindle, I always leave that one unchecked, and I submit to Kindle myself.

9. You will get proof copies. Go over these with a fine tooth comb. Read them aloud. Have a friend read them looking for any errors. Buy a print proof from CreateSpace and go over every page and the back copy.

10. These self-publishing publishers only make money when you sell a book.  Some of them have additional services like editors, cover artists, formatters, etc. which you pay extra for, but you can do these things on your own or hire people you know of.

I’m not going to get into advertising and book promotions here. I think I’ve given you enough homework as it is if you’re planning on self-publishing. All three above have their own free materials that tell you exactly how to format for them and what you need to have ready.

It’s a lot of work but every good dream is.


Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
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