A Bit of Skill Makes the Difference

Okay, so perhaps I should clarify the title. I’m not saying that a teensy bit of skill is all it takes, although it does depend on what we are talking about. I’m mainly talking about writing, but beyond that there are tons of areas where this applies.

Think about it. Once every now and then we get the anomaly, the person who completely stands out from the pack and seems almost superhuman with their abilities (Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Einstein, Michael Bolt, Michael Jordan…I can go on and on). Still, even many of these greats, had their hardships and history will continuously poke holes in their greatness. But for the majority of us, their are still many who reach a very high level of what many would term “success.” The Dan Browns, Grishams, J.K. Rowlings of the world. And the truth is while they all have a talent for entertaining, it is the details with them that make the difference– a penchant for the fantastic or the thrilling.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? In general I’d say that most of us should really rely on what is inside of us to write. Many times, I see writers chasing down the story they feel they should write versus what their gut tells them they should write. I feel that by doing this, we can sometimes lose a part of our voice in the process. The other thing I’d say that is very important is that we continue to practice our craft. No matter how much we write, we can always grow in some way or another. It just might be all that practice that makes the difference when it comes to that little bit of needed skill.

Happy Writing this week!

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