Part of the Pack—Writing in an Anthology by Stacy Hoff


How is it to write as part of a pack? When I was first invited by a group of best-selling authors—Stephanie Queen, Merry Holly, Bobbi Lerman and Gerri Brousseau—to join in their anthology, SEASON OF LOVE, my first thought was, “holy smokes, boy am I lucky!”

My second thought, however, was, “will my story live up to theirs?” It’s a valid question,  since the first anthology by these women, SEASON OF MAGIC, quickly became an Amazon best-seller.

In fact, my knees are knocking right now. SEASON OF LOVE has finally hit the shelves of ebookstores everywhere. Will people like my short story, “Love Delights”?

I was nervous to begin with, writing around a set theme. I’d never done this before. My traditional publisher (Soul Mate Publishing, Inc.) has always allowed me to write whatever concept I come up with. Anthologies, however, must cohesive; each story woven into a tapestry that is a unified whole—despite its being comprised of different material.

The theme Merry and Gerri gave me was “engagements and weddings.” Okay, this sounded romantic enough to me, and I write romance. All I had to do was come up with the details for this concept.

Backing into a story-line was weird for me. But it did, in its own way, make life easier. At least I started out knowing where I wanted to end up. For a “pantser” like me (somebody who does not plot, but “writes by the seat of their pants”) this was a really helpful change. I found it made me write quicker, too.

So even though the brand new manuscript I’m currently working on is a full-length, stand-alone novel, I am going to continue a little bit of the anthology tradition—knowing what my theme is going to be before my fingers even hit the keyboard. Viva anthologies!

If you missed the past snippets from “Season of Love” by all five of us authors, here they are again:

SEASON OF LOVE box set Amazon Link:

A Wedding and a Promise
Merry Holly

After a whirlwind romance, pressure from the groom to marry immediately has Noel questioning her decision. Deep inside her heart she knows Chase is the one, but why rush the wedding?
Chase never intended to get engaged on his trip home for the holidays but chance didn’t give him a choice. Once he laid eyes on Noel his heart was gone forever. But he has a secret. One he’s afraid to tell Noel for fear she’ll leave him forever.

Unexpected Match
Bobbi Lerman

Sylvie Ann is certain true love is an impossible fairy tale until fate and Tillie the Matchmaker send an unexpected storm stranding her with Noah and the irresistible possibility of one more chance at happily ever after.

Love Delights
Stacy Hoff

Two co-workers—former lovers—vie for the same big job promotion in their NYC advertising agency. The agency’s next Creative Director will be the one who pitches the better ad campaign to a major potential client, “Love Delights,” a gourmet chocolatier. Too bad they both need more time, and each other’s help, to come up with the perfect pitch.
Can They win over the client? And each other? Because this Valentine’s Day, the agency’s finances—and their hearts—are on the line.

Beachcomber Valentine
Stephanie Queen

Notorious operator Dane Blaise and skittish beauty Shana George team up to find the long lost love of a mystery client as they flirt with the dangers of romance and Cupid.
But of course there’s more to this easy-money case than the rekindling of an old romance. Once Dane and Shana find out that the “lost love” is involved with the FBI, their suspicions kick into high gear and they end up with more than a dinner date on Valentine’s Day.

Puppy Love
Gerri Brousseau

Sparks fly when a chance encounter entangles Lord Robert Nelson with the lovely Claudette Valentine and her dog, Madeline. The attraction is undeniable, but her father’s plan to find her a wealthy husband holds a hidden agenda that Robert can’t abide by. A story of attraction, longing, and if destiny can be changed, a loving marriage, instead of a loveless one.


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3 Responses to Part of the Pack—Writing in an Anthology by Stacy Hoff

  1. stacyhoff says:

    Karen Lopp, thanks, as always, for the like! It’s deeply appreciated!

  2. Stacy, we were delighted to have you join us. From one “panster” to another, I don’t find having a theme hinders me in any way. Looking forward to doing more collaborations.

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