Seasons of . . . By Marian Lanouette

It’s another exciting time with the release of the second book in the “Season of” anthology series, and what I find most exciting is looking at the covers side-by-side. The beauty and the difference of the excites me. Both state love and romance. Although I write mystery, I love reading romance. When I came up with the idea for the Season of series I realized I always had Chase and Noelle in my mind. I never thought it to be a full story, so a novella was perfect for them. But after writing Season of Magic I realized that I really liked this couple and wanted to continue there story. Season of Love is that story.

Season of Magic                                                                                         Season of Love

  Season of Love cover

If you enjoyed reading about Chase and Noelle in Season of Magic, I invite you to continue the journey with them in Season of Love.

Please leave a comment and pick which is your favorite cover. One winner will be selected to receive a free e-book copy of Season of Love.

Marian Lanouette                                                                                 Merry Holly

Marian L

IMG_0802_edited-1 messy hair like


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2 Responses to Seasons of . . . By Marian Lanouette

  1. Bobbi Lerman says:

    I loved Chase & Noelle’s story and am
    Delighted to be part of the upcoming
    Season Of anthology!

  2. Me too! I’m thrilled to be part of the Season of anthology series. Can hardly wait to see what happens to Chase and Noelle and I’m looking forward to bringing the characters in The Yuletide Bride back to our readers.

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