The Breadth of Hollywood

This past weekend I watched Ex Machina, a sci-fi, fantasy drama that focused on what I’d term the near future. A few nights later, I watched The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies (have I mentioned I’ve been on a bit of a movie kick lately)? This too was a fantasy but just due to the lack of modern day technology, I’m going to say it was clearly meant to be in some sort of past time and place.

So why am I bringing these movies up. Not because they are both good although they were pretty good. And not because of similar plots as that certainly wasn’t the case. Really, I am just amazed at the range of movies that come out of Hollywood (and beyond). It shouldn’t surprise me so much as the same happens with all the books—endless books and words—that flood our lives. Thoughts, words, ideas, emotions, choices—they all make us so uniquely human. Even in watching Ex Machina, I couldn’t help but wonder (spoiler alert just a bit) if what made Eva not human in my mind was her coldness in making the decision she did at the end, but then considering her situation, could that really make her cold? Not to mention, there are many of us who are equally as cold and it has nothing to do with wrong or right, but simply we are being selfish or we don’t care. Then again, the fact that I am even debating her choices, probably makes her human enough, huh? Congratulations, Hollywood, you have me convinced, again!

Happy writing this week!

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