Cover Reveal by Stacy Hoff

Season of Love cover

What makes this—the cover for my third published work—so different than the other two is that this time, the cover was done by a consensus of authors. One of them being me.

The cover design experience is very new to me. For my first two books, my publisher choose both the artist and design concept. (I love what my publisher did, incidentally, but you can see them below to judge for yourself.) This time, however, it was just me and four other writers who worked on the cover design concept, all of us collaborating together.

The reason why the five of us had this freedom—to succeed or fail on our own—is because our anthology is self-published. Although most of the authors in my group have self-published an anthology before (the Amazon best selling “Season of Magic”), this is my first foray into the self-publishing forest. Thankfully, the other authors have been happy to serve as my map and compass in this new land.

Season of Magic Cover Art

We navigated through hundreds of photos, narrowed down the list to those pictures we thought accurately portrayed romance, and then kept voting until the list grew even smaller. Until we got down to just one. Then we hired a designer to do the layout—giving us the the finished work above.

The collaboration among us writers went bizarrely smooth. What? No cat fighting? Screaming? Ganging up? Unnecessary drama? Thank goodness! (I wish I could work so harmoniously with the people in my day-job.)

In fact, collaborating on all the stories for this anthology went seamlessly, too. We all agreed to  the same theme—weddings and/or engagement. But how we went about creating our stories was up to us individually. And yet the anthology wound up making a cohesive whole.

Hmmmm. Maybe the “Season of Love,” really is the “Season of Magic” after all!

How have your experiences been collaborating with other professionals? And what do you think of the cover we agreed on?

Read below for more teasers on our anthology—to be released May 6, 2015

“Beachcomber Valentine” by Stephanie Queen

Book Blurb:
Flirting with the dangers of romance and Cupid…
Notorious operator Dane Blaise and skittish beauty Shana George team up to find the long lost love of a mystery client.
But of course there’s more to this easy-money case than the rekindling an old flame. Once Dane and Shana find out that the “lost love” is involved with the FBI, their suspicions kick into high gear and they end up with more than a dinner date on Valentines Day.

Book excerpt:
Shana loved Dane’s profile most.
“Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.” Dane squinted into the winter sun. It glinted off the snow covered sand and cold gray ocean waves. Watching him, as he stood wearing only a sweatshirt, not bothering with the hood, gave Shana a shudder of cold—or so she told herself. She raised her cup of black coffee for a sip and for the warmth of the steam. Dane had told her the south coast of Martha’s Vineyard was colder than the north and she believed him right now in spite of her normal skepticism.

“A Wedding and a Promise” by Merry Holly

Book Blurb:
After a whirlwind romance, pressure from the groom to marry immediately has Noel questioning her decision. Deep inside her heart she knows Chase is the one, but why rush the wedding?

Chase never intended to get engaged on his trip home for the holidays but chance didn’t give him a choice. Once he laid eyes on Noel his heart was gone forever. But he has a secret. One he’s afraid to tell Noel for fear she’ll leave him forever.

Book excerpt:
Stuck working Saturday, Noelle had time to reflect on a conversation she accidentally overheard while rushing out of the bathroom at Nancy’s house. It kept playing over and over in her head. Just how rich was he? Little bits of information kept being dropped by him and his mother the last day or two. Reign in your imagination, Noelle, it’s not like he’s filthy rich—right? Chase just has an air of confidence about him not a snobbery demeanor. Methinks I’m blowing this out of proportion. Still…

“Have you discussed a prenup with her yet?”
“I’m not going to, Mom.”
“That’s foolish. Right now you’re blinded by love. Think with your head, and love with your heart, Chase.”
“For a woman who’s been married for over forty-five years, you’re pretty cynical.”
“Just practical—please think about it.”
Rampant thoughts raced through her head. I thought Nancy liked me. Only a filthy rich person would need an agreement in Noelle’s opinion. How can I delicately ask him how rich he is, without him thinking I’m a gold-digger? Too rich scared her. Chase never acted like he had money to throw around. He definitely wasn’t a snob. Why was his mother stirring up the pot? She heard a chair scrape the floor, sucked in her breath and rushed back to the bathroom, quietly closing the door.
She wished she had heard the entire of the conversation.




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5 Responses to Cover Reveal by Stacy Hoff

  1. stephaniequeen says:

    Love the final cover and love this group of professional dedicated women!

  2. I’m so excited and can hardly wait for the release. So much fun to work with you on this.

  3. stacyhoff says:

    Joanne Guidoccio & Beth Carter, thank you for the likes & tweets! I deeply appreciate it!

  4. stacyhoff says:

    Thanks for the like, AC Cockerill! 😄

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