Dare to be Daring

I seem to be on a movie kick lately. Must be all the access to Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, etc. It doesn’t really bother me as the truth is I’ve always preferred watching movies to shows (and yes I know there are a lot of great ones out there).

While on this movie kick, I did happen to catch a couple romantic movies. One was a comedy and truth be told I don’t remember the name but I know it had the word “hitch” in it. The second was in Spanish but its English title was called I Want You. So why am I bringing these movies up?

They were pretty good. Probably won’t win awards for amazing, life changing films but the chemistry between the protagonists was really strong, especially in the Spanish film. As I lover of romance, I had to “dissect” the films to see really what made it so great. Yeah sure the actors were good-looking, but it was more than that. And yeah the acting was decent too, but that’s not what I’m referring to. In my opinion it was the story line and that is something I’m not sure we writers or at times, readers, think about enough. Sounds silly to say that, but in reality, I’m not sure this always happens on purpose.

You think of a premise, it sounds good. You imagine some characters, and they sound awesome in your mind because she is beautiful and strong and he is handsome and vulnerable although he doesn’t know it (I know I’m generalizing), but what happens next. Well, if you are anything like the writers I know and even myself, the characters evolve and start creating their own story. Sometimes we catch up and our able to change the storyline to meet their needs but what really happens is we get sucked in so close to the story that it is hard to take that step back and see if the chemistry is really there, if we are really pushing the limits.

So how do we change this? I’m not sure it is easy unless we take a step back, but I would say that as you think up those plots, think about what might make the situation dicey and then think about how you could still make it a compelling story. In I Want You, the main protagonist has to choose between the love of his life and new love and he makes some choices that really hurt both himself and his potential true love (trying not to spoil this). It’s hard to watch and you’re on the edge of your seat was it goes down but it makes this story so much more impactful. In the other movie I watch, two friends fake an engagement, which always goes wrong but add more people in the mix and it only gets more complicated. Still—it elicits emotions in the viewers. Lastly, have fun with it, dare to be daring!

That’s all folks. Happy writing this week!


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