Romancing The Capital was Awesome!!! by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so this was my second book convention, and the very first that I’ve ever done anything author related at. I was in the Speed Dating session, where everyone got one minute with an author and was able to collect swag and other goodies :3 It was supposed to be two minutes, but the line up was so big and there were so many people that the clock had to be cut in half! Lol, people were super excited to see everyone! I met lots of nice people too, got some cards, gave away some swag, it was great!

Wish I’d thought to take pictures of that…

Oh well! I got some pics of the book signing. It was so busy that at one point, I could hardly notice Viola (my table mate) sitting next to me. There were so many people that I literally could not see the person next to me, and people were crowding around and so happy and excited to get books. I definitely want to do that again. Signing was fun!

Me at the signing

I’m in the red wearing the ridiculous bunny ears :3 I’d forgotten I was wearing them. At least no one pointed it out.

Anyway! I haven’t sent out my April Newsletter yet, and I wanted them to get in on the fun. It doesn’t seem fair that they miss out, so very soon, I’ll be hosting a contest to give away a Kindle to one lucky person on my newsletter or street team 🙂 Along with some other cool swag and physical books, of course 😉

Still working around the details, like how many people can win. I can only have one kindle winner because, well, it’s a kindle, but I’d like to give some books and swag and other cool things to some other people too, just so everyone has a better chance of winning 🙂

Man, too excited, and my TBR pile has grown immensely. I’ve got more pics up on facebook of that nice mess. It’s the best kind of mess 😉

Anyway, now it’s just about getting caught up on my writing and edits, and other responsibilities now that the end of the month is in sight. After taking a couple of days off for RTC, I think I’m going to end up having a few longer nights ahead of me…



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