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On March 14th, the owners of Chameleon Haircolor Cafe and Spa in North Haven, Connecticut – the salon hosting my book signing event – went all out for me. They had live musicians playing romantic background music.

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Endless plates of tasty appetizers (olive trays, Tuscan bread, artichoke plates, spreads of prosciutto and cheese). Red and white wine for all attendees. And my name, icon and book covers flashing across their wide-screen TV. Wow. Since hosting their event was their idea, my first thought was, “Holy smokes, I hope I’m worthy of all this.”

If I failed, I was going to cry. (And no, at forty-four years of age, I’m NOT too old to cry.)

Thankfully there was a good turn-out (despite the horrible weather). I read the selected four pages from my book without choking. I answered audience questions without getting blank stares. In fact, the audience looked engaged and laughed when I read the funny parts. The evening was a success.

Maybe the lesson for me is to try to relax. Anxiety is not productive. Fear is a beast that must be slaughtered. Or, at least, one I will mount a defense against. After all, I haven’t fallen on my face yet. Though there may be failures in the future, I have to take stock in my success so far. Or I’ll never be able to stand tall and enjoy any success I have.

The evening of my book signing, my family, friends, and fans came out to support me. Now I just have to work on supporting myself. I can do this. It just helps to remind myself of this. Often.

What doubts and fears do you have? How do you conquer them?

Thank you, Chameleon Haircolor Cafe and Spa, North Haven, CT, for hosting me!



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11 Responses to MY FIRST BOOK-SIGNING EXPERIENCE – PART 2 by Stacy Hoff

  1. stacyhoff says:

    Thank you so much for the like, Karen Lopp! Your wonderful support is deeply appreciated.

  2. stacyhoff says:

    Joann Guidoccio, I love the like! Thank you!

  3. Love the posting. Sounds like fun.

    • stacyhoff says:

      Stella Marie Alden, I love the feedback. Thank you! And yes, it was fun, once I got my nerves under control!

  4. Beth Carter says:

    What a fabulous event!!! Wow. I’m impressed but where’s a photo of YOU reading your novel?!! 🙂 Great job.

  5. stacyhoff says:

    AC Cockerill, as always, thank you!!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! And of course, tremendous amounts of pressure!

    • stacyhoff says:

      It was definitely both, Jessica Jefferson. If I hand’t panicked, it would have been the best time ever. I did manage to relax enough though to have a little fun.

  7. Dale Ibitz says:

    You did great!

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