Just a Memory Means a Lot

I saw Interstellar this past weekend. I have to say, I was impressed. The premise was interesting and the acting pretty decent, but then I’d also say that Matthew McConaughey has really grown over the years as an actor– he has always been good looking but not always a favorite in the roles he has taken on. I’d say over the years he has truly evolved to become a much more skilled, well rounded actor. But I digress…

Where I was going with this is there is a part in the movie where Matthew McConaughey says that once we have children, we become their memories. For some reason this really stuck with me throughout the weekend and into the week. There is something amazing in this statement at how we become sort of a page in a history book so to speak but it is also a bit wistful to think that your time is passing, even if it is a sure truth from the moment we take our first breath of air.

As I pondered this statement I also thought about my impact on my children, my family, my friends and in general, this world. It can get a little overwhelming if you let it snowball, but as I spoke with a co-worker of mine the other day who seemed to be going through some sort of self-discovery phase, I realized just how important it is for many of us to feel that we are having an impact. In translation, it also points to just how important the memories we create are. As I try to think back to my earliest memories, I think I land at around age 3 or 4. The truth is that even back that early, we are learning, absorbing, forming and our experiences or memories as they’ll soon be called, will impact us.

Ponder that as you exist–I know that is a heavy duty task, but think about it this way, everything you do matters in some way or to someone. Everything has meaning so think before you act.

Happy writing this week!

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