Why You Were Not Rejected! By Susan Hanniford Crowley

It’s come to my attention that people are going through a lot lately with rejection. I want you to enjoy your holiday weekend, so I’m letting you in on all the secrets around the illusion called “rejection.”  I’m going to discuss this from the viewpoint of going for a job and also from a writer’s point of view.

Rejection in the Job Search
1. It’s not you. Someone the person knows will get the job.
2. You didn’t get it. Lucky you because the place closed two weeks later.  (I was grateful that I didn’t get hired when I found this out.)3. You may not have the experience they are looking for.
4. You have too much experience and they don’t want to pay much for the position.
5. The person going through the resumes is ill and has just sent rejection letters to everyone.

There are so many weird and arbitrary reasons that have nothing to do with you, your talent, or experience. The definition of arbitrary according to Google is “based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.”

I won’t say every company does this, but enough do. Remember rejection has nothing to do with you.

Rejection by Agents and/or Editors
Now for the writers.  A lot of what I’ve said also applies to you.  You have just sent in your masterpiece, your baby. You have expectations. I understand perfectly. Why was your work rejected?

1. It doesn’t fit their needs.  This could actually be true.  They may already have a clown murder mystery they’re about to publish.
2. The person reading the slush pile is ill and has just emailed rejections to everyone that day.
3. It may not be the type of work they publish. Be careful to check the types they do want before sending.
4. Your work was rejected. Lucky you!  Two months later that publisher folds. Or worse!  You find out through a writers’ group that that publisher has not been paying their authors.
5. Your work was rejected but there’s a email telling how to improve your work, and to send it back when you do.  What to you do?  Make the changes right away and send it back to the attention of the person signing that email.

What’s the bottom line?  You are not being rejected. Your work may not be at the right place.  Research the right places and send it. Many rejections are arbitrary. I was talking to another author the other day who is having amazing success. She told me that some people love her work and some have told her it sucked.  Now went you send out your work, you’re running into personal tastes. The great majority of rejections don’t mean a darn thing. I used to keep them to show I was making an effort as a writer in the event my writing deductions on my taxes were questioned. I keep all my writing related receipts now anyway.

Have a fun holiday weekend, and keep rejection in its proper perspective.  You might learn from it, but mostly just be thankful because in some cases it wouldn’t have been for your benefit.  I do believe that when one door closes, another opens. I also believe that a good fit makes a person happy on the job or a writer happy with their publisher. Remember you were never rejected. It’s only a person’s opinion of your work. Someone else will have the opposite opinion.

If you’ve had some of these experiences and would like to share, I’d love you to comment. Thanks.

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