What I’ve Learned: Secret 13 – Digging Deep By Susan Hanniford Crowley

My first vampire series is called Vampires in Manhattan. It started with a prequel that instead became Book 1 and titled When Love Survives.

Available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords

Available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords

It gave a sneak peek into the supernatural and paranormal community of New York and how they interact with humanity. They call themselves Nats. The hero Gregor and heroine Regina fall in love while working to rescue others on the city’s darkest day. New York City has a very diverse population which includes the Nats. Not everyone is a vampire.

It also introduced a secondary but important character Vampire David Hilliard.  For me, the book represents the heart of New York City in a very personal way to me.  How was this book born?  In a dream. For that book, I also did a month’s worth of additional research into September 11th. A friend of mine happened to have saved all the newspapers of that time. When I told her what I was researching, she let me borrow her collection. I read and cried for a month.

Digging deep works many ways. You dig to in find your characters and what they are feeling, experiencing in the world around them.  You dig deep to discover hidden truth, to rescue someone who may not have had a chance without you, to reveal courage.

When digging deep, love becomes more passion. You feel fragile doing it but when you risk everything for someone else, you open your life to miracles.

When Love Survives is available at Smashwords, Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

This is what I learned when I wrote When Love Survives.  Whether it’s writing or life, when I dig deep, my memories are richer for it. What about you? In what ways do you dig deep?

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