Swag and Books by Mandy Rosko

I can’t remember if I showed these off or not, but I wanted to share them just in case. I mentioned before the floating lockets that I purchased as swag for Romancing The Capitol which is happening next year, and I have to say, the next time I sign up for a book signing, I’m doing it with a *budget* in mind because holy God, my credit cards are starting to scream for mercy :S

Anyway! Here they are! (I still have to put together the chains, and maybe find some more charms)


The whole point is that I’m going to be getting charms to go inside of them as well :3 I commissioned some tiny book charms with the new cover of a book I plan on releasing next year. Something about billionaires and arrangements and getting the girl you kind of like to agree to sleep with you in exchange for the family business back, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The charms aren’t in yet, but they should be in the mail soon. I can’t wait to get them. I’m itching to see what they look like in my hands. I’ll be getting fifty or so of them, but if they don’t come in on time, then I’ve got sweet, sweet plans for other giveaways. Maybe O.o I just really want to hand out these necklaces :3

I also ordered 25 copies of A Shock To Your System for signing, along with 60 copies of Sold To The Enemy. I think I’ll be giving those ones away for free. I still haven’t determined how I’m doing this. Winging it is an awesome backup plan. I think I’m done with getting books for the signing, though. It’s gotten a tad too pricey for me to be ordering that many, even with a sweet discount.

On top of all of the cool stuff I keep bringing home, plans are in motion to read as much as I can from some of the other authors that are also attending. I’ve picked up three physical copies of Eve Langlais’ books, one of which is a three in one, so I guess that technically makes it five, but the cyborg one is the book I’m really looking forward to :3 Cyborgs are really starting to interest me lately.


I’ve also got some other books by Opal Carew that have been on my TBR pile for the last little bit. There’s no way I’ll be able to read all the stuff I want in time. I’m not that fast a reader. Last year I didn’t even make my Goodreads challenge, even with adding in all the books I read that I was too embarrassed, or forgot, to count. The point is that I’ll be doing my best to get as many of those books read as possible 🙂 And I’ll be bringing these ones to the signing for my super sweet autograph 😉


Mandy Rosko


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