I is for Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last week for the letter “H,” I talked about Heroes. This week I’m actually talking about one more specific hero: Indiana Jones. And I’m doing this mostly because of Harrison Ford’s Indy-esque escape from death earlier this week in his small plane, partly because Indiana Jones has been a romantic hero to me for most of my adult life. Iconic—another “I” word.

I loved the very first movie—Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones was a true romantic hero in a wonderful action-adventure romance. The story arc is perfect, set up Indiana as leading a double life, mild mannered archeology professor and adventurer in search of treasure. Then he get re-involved with his long lost love and manages to save her Indy_and_Mariontime after time throughout the rest of the movie. I fell in love with the hard-hitting, passionate, extremely intelligent Indiana from the moment he stalks onto the screen. Played to perfection by Harrison Ford in a somewhat different type of role from his also romantic, also excellently portrayed space counterpart Han Solo.

And that’s why I was not completely surprised when Mr. Ford became a hero in real life by keeping his cool in a life and death emergency on March 5, landing his failing plane on a golf course, mere yards from houses plane crashthat ring the course and ensuring that no one but himself got hurt. The distress call that I listened to showed him very calm and cool-headed as he told them he was going down. He sustained non-life threatening but severe injuries (rather Indiana Jones like as well) and is expected to make a full recovery. Thank God.

I am certainly very happy that in this case life imitated art and Indy came through with only minor wounds. Even though he may never play this iconic role again, I’m still relieved that “Indiana Jones” will still be out there somewhere, just a heartbeat away from another adventure. Carry on, Mr. Ford.

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