The Challenge in Risk

Anyone who has read my blog with some regularity knows that I’m a big proponent of pushing the envelope. I try to do this in my own writing, but admittedly, I also feel that I stay within a genre that is safe for me.

I write romance, mainly contemporary and paranormal, with the occasional dabble in urban fantasy. They are fun and gritty but for the former too, I love that they have a happy ending. We see so much in life that is painful that a happy ending is something that I believe many of us need every now and then. That all being said, I have several topics (more of a contemporary mirror of life) that I’d love to write and yet I’ve put it off, telling myself I’m not ready. I honestly am not sure if my readiness comes from a skillset or more of an emotional readiness to take on topics that are a bit darker and tragic in nature.

In life, it seems that many times we withdraw from doing something we really want to do or are passionate about because there is risk involved and unlike in the world of finance, this risk entails quite a bit more at stake. A sort of self-preservation takes hold and we revel in feeling “safe” but long for something more.

I’ve had this sort of conversation with many peers in the workplace and even with my family of late. I understand the sentiments but question why we let them stop us from many of our dreams. I’ve come to the early conclusion that is okay to take risks in all categories and that they should be encouraged as long as they are calculated and well thought out.

Moral of this week? Go for what you want. It doesn’t need to happen now but plan it out and work toward it. You’ll find you are happier in the anticipation of your next move and you’ll also find growth as you challenge yourself.

Happy writing this week!

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