Swimming in Debt for Swag (sort of) by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so I haven’t done much except for max out my credit card, and to be fair, it’s a small one and a lot of what I bought was food and some other junk not swag related, but for the upcoming Romancing The Capitol event, I’ve been going crazy searching for cool shit to hand out.

The first things I really need are the books. That one is non negotiable since I really do need those for the signing. I have about 48 so far out of the hundred that I need. I’ve also purchased some items for giving out cool necklaces with images of my upcoming Billionaire themed books inside 🙂 That was also pretty expensive 😦 But I did get a deal on the charms I got from Etsy, which gives me an excuse to buy more 🙂 On credit…


Anyway, at this point I need to wait until I get paid before I can order the last of the swag that I want, which looks to be some post cards, and possibly hot chocolate :3 Hot chocolate will be awesome.

I’m also just hoping (A whole lot) that all the stuff I want comes in, in time for the signing. Slightly stressful, but it’ll all be so worth it if I can get this stuff up and running 😀

I think the next time I do this, I really need more of a plan and a budget. A budget would be great. On the plus side, I’ve decided not to get the sling bags I was looking at. Those suckers are way too damned expensive, especially with the extra costs for colors and set up and whatever the hell else those companies want (my blood and my soul being on the list -_-) Trust me, those bags are never actually as low as 99 cents, or whatever they list. I’m the giant fool who’s still upset and offended to see that going on. (I know, I know)

Right now, I’m still trying to figure out what the other 50 books will be that I want to order for the signing. I’ve got a new cover for Just One Touch, now titled Sold To The Enemy, which is being re-edited for a very short print book. That will make an awesome giveaway, or I can also give away the sequel to Burns Like Fire as well.

Decisions, decision…

Until then, check out my new cover!


I think it looks really good and sexy, but hopefully not so sexy that it gets me booted off of Kobo again 😀

Okay, I need to get all the details ready for the rest of the stuff I’m going to order and when. Next post I’ll be revealing my decision on which other books I bring to the signing.


Mandy Rosko


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