You Sexy Scene You

A sex scene is by far one of the hardest scenes to write in a book…correction, a good sex scene is by far one of the hardest scenes to write in a book. Why? Most of it really is mechanics and getting your reader to feel something during this scene usually requires a lot of work outside of the scene.

What do I mean? Well think about it. If you want a sex scene to be good, there needs to be some sort of build up. Many authors make the mistake of having the reader wait too long or having the sex happen too fast without the appropriate tension. There are exceptions to the rules but you need to know when and how to implement them. Second, there needs to be the appropriate pacing– don’t rush it and don’t let it drag on. Third, unless your main characters are acrobats in Cirque du Soleil, there positions should be achievable for the average person. Nothing pulls one out of a book more than trying to imagine how a couple is “pulling a position off.” Lastly, unless you are writing  a purely hardcore erotic novel (and sometime even then), your sex scenes should flow with the story and make sense as it pertains to your characters. I hate combing through books, skipping these scenes as they become boring, routine or simply don’t make sense.

That’s all for today, folks. Happy writing this week! Please also feel free to share your thoughts on the most difficult scenes for you all to write.

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