Ad for RT on the go and Translations for Burns Like Fire Are Almost Ready! by Mandy Rosko

Okay, I need to take in a deep breath because, wow, I’m spending a ton of money lately on  advertising and writing costs.

The cost to translation my short novel into German, after Canadian to American conversion, worked itself up to be almost two grand, and today I sent off a quick email to the lady at RT Magazine, hoping to snag a spot for the issue that will come out in time for The Romantic Times Convention in Dallas. I’m getting only the 1/4 page ad, but it will still work itself up to be a pretty penny.

@_@ I think now is about the time that I need to make myself a budget on what I can and can’t spend on marketing. I mean, I told myself that this was going to be the year that I did more marketing than ever before, which seemed easy enough since I do almost no marketing at all, but that’s quite a bit of money to spend in just one day.

My past self who used to work as a waitress part time is shrieking inside of my head, lol. I’m also going to take my driver’s test tomorrow, and hopefully I don’t fail it again. Stress abound and hoping I don’t end up crashing!

Anyway! On to happier news, the translations for Burns Like Fire are done! Woot! All I have to do is get the back blurb ready and I can take this sucker on over to :3 I’m so excited for that. I just have to get the new cover ready and then I can upload it for pre-order, and my last pre-order sales for The Princess’ Dragon Lord did pretty well, so I got quite a few readers over there now with just the one book 🙂

Other happy news is that next month, the sequel to Burns Like Fire will finally be available next month. A Shock To Your System. I’m super excited about this one and figured that I’d really quickly show off the cover:


Isn’t it great? :3 I can’t wait to get this one into print. It’s going through one last beta reader, and then I can get the printed file set up. I’m also going to be handing this baby out for free in a week or so before the actual release date for some honest reviews. Still trying to think about how I’m going to do that, but for now, anyone who wants on the list of people who will get early access can sign up for my super cool street team 😉 It’s small right now, but everyone on it will definitely get an early proof copy.

That’s it for now! Hopefully I will have more news for you later on this super cool book (can you tell I’m excited?)





Burns Like Fire (Dangerous Creatures Book One) is Available Now!

The Princess’ Dragon Lord is Now Available at Amazon and B&N

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2 Responses to Ad for RT on the go and Translations for Burns Like Fire Are Almost Ready! by Mandy Rosko

  1. married2arod says:

    Sounds very exciting! congrats!

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