Billionaire Romances and Why I’m Interested by Mandy Rosko

Lately I’ve been on something of a mission. Aside from trying to put together my new bookshelves (which look so beyond awesome, by the way), getting my word count in for the day, and trying to read more books this year than I did last year (it was pitiful), I’ve also taken an interest in Billionaire romances. Whenever I see one on sale or free on Amazon, lately I’ve been picking them up. They’re slightly harder to find on Bookoutlet, or maybe I’ve just not been seeing them, but Harlequin seems to have enough of them in stock that I’m never short on books to read.

IMG_0711Not to mention that if you look on ebay right now for a lot of Harlequin Romances, you’ll see boxes and boxes of them all over the place. I seriously want to pick a couple of them up right now just to have them all to go through :3 Boxes of books sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t know why I never thought to do this. I feel like I’ve just discovered an amazing treasure trove of books that’s been right under my nose.

Now, as for the reason why I’m getting into the idea of Billionaire romances, well, I’m not sure. Other than the fact that I hear it’s an interesting writing market to be in, my curiosity’s been piqued. I want to read through them to see what the appeal is, to see if I can even write it, and find out what’s not being done in the books that I might be able to get away with in self publishing. That part’s always fun 🙂

Why do you read Billionaire, Millionaire, or Tycoon Romances? I should probably also throw in Sheikhs, Princes and King Romances in there as well since they’re usually wealthy enough to sweep a heroine off her feet. What draws you to them? What do you like about them, and better still, does anyone reading this have an absolute favorite book that’s on their keeper shelf 🙂 I’d be willing to read over that one. Until then, I’ll be searching out for some favorites of my own.


~Mandy Rosko

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