I know last week, I wrote about Amy Cuddy and her ted talk on the power of body language and confidence, but this week I’d like to share another ted talk by Brené Brown on vulnerability. If you’d like to watch it click here. The reason I chose this topic to blog about this week is because as writers, I feel it absolutely essential for us to be vulnerable in our writing.

Why, you ask? Brené Brown does a great job of explaining how vulnerability is two-fold. Sure it exposes us to all the things that could possibly hurt us, but it also exposes us to all the great things in life as well. When we do what we do to numb ourselves from difficult things we face numbing ourselves from the great things we have to experience as well.

As writers, one of the greatest challenges is making our readers truly feel the emotions we aim to portray through our characters. I can’t speak for everyone but there I certain times that I must write certain scenes. Music helps put me in a certain mood, but it isn’t always fool proof. Emotions add a whole different level of complexity and to get them down, we truly need to be open to letting ourselves feel what our characters feel. Sometimes this can be great, but other times, we open a box of very ugly facets of life that most of us would rather just avoid.

What about you all, do you make yourselves vulnerable through your writing? How would you say it affects you?

Happy writing this week.

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