My WIP is Giving Me “WIPlash” by Stacy Hoff


Are any of you banging your heads against the wall from your WIP? If so, you are suffering from “WIPlash.” Please join me for a virtual chiropractic session.

For those of you who don’t know, a “WIP” is what writers call their work-in-progress. It is the manuscript they are slogging out, desperate to be done. This first draft affects authors in numerous physical ways, from stomach acid to headaches. And torments us emotionally as the tug of our WIP competes with other “to-do’s” that pull hard in the opposite direction.

The things that compete with our WIP are usually:

  • family (even trickier when you have young kids, like I do)
  • friends (remember them?)
  • day jobs (so we can actually earn a living)
  • household chores & responsibilities (necessary evils)
  • working out at the gym (another necessary evil)
  • trying on countless items of clothes to see what still fits since terminating membership at said evil gym (guilty as charged)
  • the occasional day off (God forbid)
  • editors, critique groups & mentors working on our other manuscripts (who want their changes done now)
  • marketing (a requirement if we want our books to sell)

Arrrgh! Which one of these things is an author supposed to do first? Can’t my life stop for one lousy minute so I can get my WIP done???

Sadly, No. The world will not stop rotating simply because I want to get off. Not even for a few precious minutes.

Well, crying about it isn’t going to help me. I’ve got to stop writing this blog post and get back to my WIP. It’s the best way I know to combat a bad case of “WIPlash.”

What do you do when you feel tugged and pulled in multiple directions?

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21 Responses to My WIP is Giving Me “WIPlash” by Stacy Hoff

  1. kathyradigan says:

    I have yet to embark on the “work” so I have nothing big in progress, but seeing that I suffer the same thing from writing short essays each week I can only imagine what you must be going through. And doing all of this as a mom would be so much easier if those darling people didn’t insist on eating three times a day! Lol! Sending good thoughts that all goes well!

    • stacyhoff says:

      Lol! Thanks so much, Kathy! Yes, my boys are not fans of skipping meals. I gotta admit, when I’m in writing crunch mode, like now, dinner is not much more than gormet than Hamburger Helper. I’d also be lost without a little help from my frozen food friends!

  2. stacyhoff says:

    Blogger jannakaixer, thank you for the like!

  3. You speak the truth!!! Nice to know I’m not the only one with WIPlash!

  4. stacyhoff says:

    Author Anne B. Cole, thank you for the like!

  5. stacyhoff says:

    Author / blogger Joanne Guidoccio – thank for the the tweet & like!

  6. PJ Sharon says:

    Great post, Stacy. Honestly, the ONLY treatment for WIPlash…and whiplash, is a good massage:-) Then, it’s all about prioritizing, taking all my tasks in small bites (like eating that proverbial elephant), and carving out time for myself. If I’m stressed and overwhelmed, nothing gets my best effort. Once I’ve had my me time…it’s butt in chair and a stubborn refusal to let anything come between me and my WIP:-)

  7. annabowling says:

    When I feel pulled in different directions, that’s time to call time out and see what I can do to cage that monster. I love making lists and schedules, knowing what has to be done when, and where I can carve out time to write. Seeing everything written out on a calendar or planner helps me feel more in control.

    • stacyhoff says:

      I think you’re right, Anna. I tried calendaring a few weeks ago & found it did help. But then I kept forgetting to check my calendar. Sigh…

  8. stacyhoff says:

    Blogger Erin, thanks so much for the like!

  9. Beth Carter says:

    Love this post and especially love the term WIPlash. Haha. So true. I’ve got it, too. My sequel is all over the place and I find myself procrastinating when I’m not sure which way I’m headed. Also, I’m working on a smaller piece–a novella or maybe a novelette (a term I learned from Collette!) I have all of these grandiose ideas about writing and then get distracted by shiny social media, marketing and more. My daughter is grown so I don’t have that excuse. 🙂 Thanks for this. Sharing!

    • stacyhoff says:

      Glad you like the post, and my term du jour, “WIPlash.” And hope we keep each other focused!

  10. stacyhoff says:

    Blogger A.C. Cockerill, thank you for the like!

  11. stacyhoff says:

    I Iove the like, Blogger Aprilaluna2013!

  12. stacyhoff says:

    Thank you, too, author Sue Berger!

  13. stacyhoff says:

    Author Lisa Cardiff, thank you for the like!

  14. stacyhoff says:

    Great to know you liked my blog post, authorangelachristinaarcher!

  15. L.D. Rose says:

    Great post! I’m neck deep in my WIP and I’ve definitely had multiple instances of “WIPlash”, haha! But sometimes I just gotta park my butt in the seat, tuck my head down, and beat the keys into submission. 😛

    • stacyhoff says:

      When you’re done with the club, L.D., can you lend it to me? My keys could use a good beat-down, too.

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