Release Party! Almost Perfect is Live!

I’m taking a hiatus from my ABCs of Romance this week to throw a little release party for my erotic contemporary romance Almost Perfect. *throws confetti*


Here’s the blurb for the three love stories that follow the ups and downs of romance with Pam and Roger:

They met by accident at The Rocky Horror Picture Show and their first Christmas was almost their last. Can Pam Kimball and Roger Ware hope to make marriage work? Only time–and these three tales–will tell: An Almost Perfect Meeting, An Almost Perfect Christmas, and An Almost Perfect Night.

An erotic romantic comedy for people who are “almost” perfect.

Almost Perfect Final

And here’s an excerpt from the first story, An Almost Perfect Meeting:

Roger hurried over to the ticket booth, barely big enough for the girl standing behind the counter to squeeze into. “One for the midnight showing.” He forked over the seven dollars, grabbed the ticket, and rushed through the doors. Apparently you had to see the beginning or you’d never figure out what was happening.

The lights hadn’t dimmed yet, so he glanced around, surprised by how packed the theatre was. Where would he find a seat? Not down in front, please, God. He headed down the aisle, searching for an empty seat.

He’d gone down three rows when he began to notice the odd way most of the moviegoers were dressed. Many wore black formal evening clothes with multi-colored party hats. Others seemed to be wearing a very skimpy French maid’s costume. Then there was one guy who looked like he’d come from a meeting of Hell’s Angels. Most bizarre, however, were two or three men towering over everyone on black platform shoes, with their bare chests half-covered by a laced corset, wearing black briefs and fishnet stockings held up with a garter belt.

What the hell? Were they having a costume contest? He shrugged. It was Halloween, after all.

Forget it. He’d come back next week, if Memento was still playing, and enjoy it without so much commotion. Roger began to slowly back up the aisle. Maybe they wouldn’t notice him. He took two steps and bumped into someone. He froze then turned little by little, afraid of what he might see.

The girl had dressed normally, for someone stuck in the 70s. She wore a yellow coat dress, a straw hat with a wide brim, and had long, wavy brown hair. Cute. Definitely cute. Not that Roger had any illusions that someone like her would notice him. He hadn’t dated anyone since his senior prom in high school and that, for lack of anyone else, had been his cousin.

She’d been talking to a guy in costume seated at the end of the row, and he’d practically upended her into his lap. Before he could utter a word of apology, though, she straightened and her face lit up as if he were the answer to her prayers. His heart hammered.

Brad“Thank God.” She shoved a pair of black plastic glasses onto his face. “I need a Brad.”

Had she lost her boyfriend? He shook his head. “I’m Roger.”

“I don’t care if your name’s Elvis, you’re Brad tonight!”

The petite brunette grabbed his hand and hauled him toward the front of the theatre. Too shocked to resist, Roger staggered down the aisle until he stood underneath the twenty-foot movie screen, a completely different perspective from any he’d ever had before. He gazed around, trying to take it all in.

A few people here and there had dressed normally and were sitting quietly, waiting for the show to begin. Most of the oddly-dressed people filling the theatre, however, were laughing and talking. Some were hopping around then thrusting their hips in a very lewd way. Jerry and Frank hadn’t mentioned such goings on. It must be because of Halloween. No other explanation for so many weirdos in one place.

“I take it you haven’t played Brad before?” The girl’s words pulled him back from his contemplation of the madness surrounding him.

“Who’s Brad?” Roger frowned, gazing down into her upturned face. Her long brown hair didn’t actually suit her, but the big brown eyes did. A petite powerhouse. He knew the type. Too much to hope she was into computers too.

“Brad Majors.” She stared at him as if the name should’ve meant something to him. “As in Brad and Janet?”

He frowned, bewildered.

Her eyes got wide. “Oh crap, don’t tell me you’re a virgin?”


Almost Perfect is now available at Amazon, B & N, and ARe.

And today I’ll be giving away two copies of Almost Perfect. Just leave a comment telling me you’d like a copy and I’ll enter you in the giveaway. I’ll announce the winners on my blog later this week.

Thanks so much for coming by! Have a great week and I’ll be back with my “D” topic ~ Desire~ next week.


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