Plowing Through by Stacy Hoff


Well, folks, I’m gaining some momentum on my new contemporary romance novel—finally! At long last, I’m getting more and more pages of my WIP (“work-in-progress”) underway. It’s slow going, but still a sure and steady sign that I’m plowing forward.

Looking out the window, I see more than winter. I see an analogy. The flower bed is covered in snow, but I know the roots are still there. Holding their own. Biding their time. Just waiting to blossom. The patient gardener is the one who always reaps rewards.

Patiently slogging away on my WIP will hopefully yield similar results. Literally, writing a book is a tough road to hoe. Will it ever spring to life? Or will it remain lifeless and frozen?

All I can do is take heart. Winter is here, but spring is at hand.

I’ll let you know how my WIP is blooming. I’ve also got two new releases coming out in the next two months—and I’ll be announcing these shortly. For me, having more publications is proof positive that my book garden can grow!

I want to hear from you, too. Tell me what projects you have underway. And is the pace of your progress testing your patience?

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11 Responses to Plowing Through by Stacy Hoff

  1. stacyhoff says:

    M.Funk Photography thanks so much for the like!

  2. I feel just like you about now, Stacy – stuck in neutral on my present WIP. I’ve been sidetracked with edits on my Feb. release, but that’s no excuse, I know.
    People who don’t write don’t realize how difficult it is sometimes to *just*keep*going*. Nice to know I’m not alone in that sentiment. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Stacy Hoff says:

    Erin Bevan, thanks for the like and the tweet! 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    My patience is forever being tested. I’ve got that first draft done, but now it’s time to slog through revisions.

  5. Stacy Hoff says:

    Author / Blogger Joanne Guidoccio, your tweets, likes & support are terrific!

  6. Cathy H says:

    I just started a near future romance.I write best in the winter. The cold air gives me a clarity. I write best when I suffer, I guess

    • Stacy Hoff says:

      For me, winter writing helps a lot, too. I don’t get so fidgety when there’s nothing outside to hold my interest. Hope we’re both productive this season, Cathy H.!

  7. Stacy Hoff says:

    Karen Lopp, thanks (as always!) for the like!

  8. stacyhoff says:

    Thank you so much, oneanna65, for the like!

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