Transformation or Simply Life

I work in corporate America. As part of this role, I inevitably end up reading business books, even if they are just bits and pieces of them here and there. There is one that I was given recently called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith. Admittedly, I haven’t read this one yet but it is one that I’m looking forward to. Why? Because I feel that I’m changing and I have to ask myself if this is some new transformation (hopefully a brilliant one if it is) or is this simply life? Or perhaps both?

This past weekend I went to Barnes and Noble. It was one of those rare days where everything aligned. My husband was entertaining our toddler, the baby was asleep, the hot chocolate I ordered was made just right and I easily snagged what sounded like an interesting book or at least it did for the old me. But then it happened. I sat down, sipped my chocolate and turned the pages. One by one I read them, waiting, just waiting for the book to pull me in. Instead, I found myself looking around. I was bored! Me, previously avid reader and mom of two who had been dying for an opportunity just like this. So what was the problem?

Well, I could say it was the author but I’ve read her books and I like her writing or at least I have, so I doubt that is it. And as for the ambiance and opportunity, I’m sure both were fine as I easily could have chilled in my chair another 2-3 hours. I really think the problem was and is, me. I’m changing and the truth is this may be an okay problem to have. What interested me even a year ago, doesn’t hold my attention any longer. That’s not so bad but when I’m not sure of what I’ve moved onto, the process can get a bit frustrating. There are times I wish I could download all the wisdom I hope to have at eighty and save myself the slow learning process and transformation in getting there. But then I’d miss life, wouldn’t I? And how many times have I said and written about slowing down to enjoy the little things? More than I can count!

So the moral for this week is embrace change, live life and just let it all happen in its own time. Happy writing this week and may your self-discoveries be as enlightening as mine!

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