So…Yeah, I’ve Just Discovered Bookoutlet Again… By Mandy Rosko

There was a time when I lived so close to Canada’s Bookoutlet story that I could’ve drove there had I had a license, or enough money to own a car at the time. I always remember hearing about it, and wanting to visit it. I was in college, and the place was literally twenty minute or so away. I really should’ve just bothered my roommates for lift, but for whatever magical reason, I never did.

Maybe it was just meant to be, I never had a lot of money in school, and in some cases couldn’t even afford my textbooks, but now that I’ve discovered them again thanks to a lot of unboxing videos from the local Booktube channels, I got the itch to check it out and have some stuff delivered to me.

Looking back, I want to kick myself in the cranium for not having visited in person when I could ;_;

Needless to say, my credit card isn’t too happy with me now. I’ve got three book orders coming in—I mean boxes of them—and I have another 15 books I want in my cart that are just waiting to be ordered. I want them so bad my bones ache with it!

Last year I didn’t get much reading done, just a little over half of my writing goal for the year, not including some novellas and mangas I didn’t add onto that list, and then all the fan fiction :3, but this year I’ve decided is going to be the year when I really hunker down and try to get through my TBR pile. There’s a lot there, not including the books that haven’t even come in the mail yet. I’ve made up the pile that I want to read first, and it’s about half the length of my body.

Not including all the extra writing I want to get done for the new year, if I make it through that pile, I’ll consider it a real accomplishment.

But then I’m reminded of all the other books I’ll very likely buy in the coming year. It’s only January right now, after all @_@

I’ll have to make a list of all the books sometime and share them. Goodreads doesn’t make me feel too accomplished when I read one book, since I see some people can read one in a day. More than that, sometimes. I’ve actually seen people with 500 book goals for the year! 500!

Anyway, apart from that, some excellent news came in this morning, and Burns Like Fire received 4 stars from Jeepdiva! I was super stoked about that. The thrill of seeing a review waiting in my inbox always quickly leaves and is replaced with the fear of seeing something negative when I click on the link and wait for the review page to load. Thankfully, it was pretty good :3 And then I was able to breathe again.

I’m on the last 100 pages of Wool by Hugh Howey, and though I write romance, I’ve been getting into other genres lately, mostly teen, which this is not, but still. I need to hurry and finish it so I can take another small chunk out of the rest of that pile before it grows beyond my reading abilities…


Mandy Rosko


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