A New Year—A New Image by Stacy Hoff


I love reinvention. Coming with fresh, new themes and characters for my romance novels is always a challenge I relish. Reinvention keeps my mind “on task” and open to new possibilities.

Given this, I started thinking—maybe this should apply not just to my work, but to me as well? And what better time to reinvent myself than at a new year? So I’m starting off 2015 with a brand new image!

Gearing up for my reinvention took some time, effort and planning. I had to track down an artist who could accurately capture my personality. I finally found who I was looking for when I came across talented artist Alex Bradley. He’s on the opposite coast than me, living in California, but I think my search was well worth it.

Here’s his formal bio (though I think you’ll get a better sense of his talent if you click on his links):

Alex Bradley is a writer, illustrator, and animator with nearly 20 years of experience. Alex founded an independent video and animation production studio in the Washington DC area before relocating to Burbank, California. In 2012, he launched his ongoing webcomic Miskatonic U (www.misk-u.com), based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. He currently creates graphics and blurs naked people on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. In the time left over, Alex isn’t satisfied unless he is creating. For more of his work visit www.alexbradley.org

Let me know what you think of the new me!

More about Stacy Hoff can be found as follows:

Facebook: Stacy Hoff

Twitter: @authorstacyhoff

Web: StacyHoff.com

DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES on sale now on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/

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22 Responses to A New Year—A New Image by Stacy Hoff

  1. The new you is adorable and what a clever idea.

  2. Stacy Hoff says:

    Catherine & Anne, thanks to both of you ladies for the lovely comments!!!!!

  3. Stacy Hoff says:

    Thank you author SC Mitchell, for the like!

  4. PJ Sharon says:

    Awesome, Stacy. Very YOU!

  5. gailingis says:

    Adorable Stacy.

  6. stacyhoff says:

    Thanks to blogger Summersrye for the like!

  7. Love the idea! BTW…It’s simply adorable. 🙂

  8. stacyhoff says:

    I appreciate the like, Karen Lopp!

  9. Cute and I agree that it’s a creative idea. Is he looking for more business?

  10. Kathy O. says:

    So darn cute! And reflects your writing. I love it and wish you the best.

  11. Stacy Hoff says:

    Blogger Elizabethpreston2000, I am appreciative of the like!

  12. So creative and fun! Now I want one…

  13. Stacy Hoff says:

    Blogger AC Cokerill, I appreciate the like!

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