Continuity. It’s such a simple word but something I’m finding is very important in the world of coaching and self-development. In my day job, I feel one of the main opportunity areas I’m going to focus on is the coaching of my team. It’s not to say that I didn’t do that last year, but in 2014, my coaching was somewhat haphazard and lacked the continuity and reinforcement.

The truth of this experience is that I’m not sure why it took me a whole year of messing up to realize a way to do it right. That is life and it is frustrating as it makes me realize that I probably won’t even be remotely wise until I’m near 90 in this life and by then, the world has changed and there will be new things to know and learn.

I came across this through writing. To me, it seems that some are just naturally talented when telling a story, but the actually skill of writing it out and creating emotions through your “voice” and writing is a craft and a skill that takes a lot of practice and reinforcement. It takes continuity to truly develop your skills and learn how to show versus write or to elicit emotion from your readers or to create tension in a scene. None of these are what any experienced writer would call easy but they do become more natural with continuous practice and as such, you then start to practice and learn another skill.

The continuity of learning is a constant cycle with some more voracious in their learnings than others. Still, I’d say it is one of the attributes that make us humans so unique and allows us to grow in many ways.

Thanks for joining me today and happy writing this week!

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