What Are Your New Year’s Plans?


I’ve got big plans for the New Year. How about you?

Now, I’m not talking about just New Year’s Eve, although my husband and I are actually doing something rather special. For Christmas he gave me New Year’s Eve at our favorite bed & breakfast—dinner, romantic midnight tryst, and gourmet breakfast on New Year’s Day. We’ve stayed there several time and always love it. So I’m very much looking forward to the beginning of 201

But I’ve already put a plan for my writing in place for 2015. A rather ambitious plan, but one that I believe I can accomplish if I have a little discipline and a lot of hard work

My great friend and wonderful author Patricia Green put a link up on her website some weeks ago to a post by Russell Blake, who gave some great advice to indie authors about how to make your writing pay off. So I have taken this advice to heart and have made a plan for 201

This plan is more than just a New Year’s resolution, because Blake’s advice is adamant that in order to make serious money at writing, you must treat it as a business. This requires scheduling, dedication, and long hours at the computer writing and promoting. However, his first rule is to publish regularly. I am taking this to heart and have scheduled six books to come out during 2015, approximately one every other month. I am fortunate that three of these books are already written and a fourth is halfway done. Two are already scheduled for release on Amazon: Almost Perfect on January 23 and Only Marriage Will Do on June 9. I have tentative dates for the rest and I have outlines or ideas for the remaining two books that are unwritten at this time

So as you see, I am serious about getting my work out there in 2015. I encourage the writers among you to make a plan for the New Year. It need not be this ambitious, but once you decide on it, stick to it, own it. Make it happen. And see where you are in December 2015

Starting next Sunday, my blog posts here at Nights of Passion will be the ABCs of Romance. Each week I’ll post on a topic of interest to readers and writers of romance, beginning with A and going through to Z. I hope you’ll be stopping by for my initial post: A is for Attraction.

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