So It Turns Out I’m Psychotic by Mandy Rosko

I think it was the last post when I mentioned that I was having trouble with all the books I’d bought on my book binge. A little voice, or a tick, inside of my head told me that I hadn’t done much reading in a while, and as if I needed to make up for that somehow, I went crazy with the books. Lots of brand new ones that went on my list after seeing some cool reviews on Katytastic’s channel on Youtube, and a few others I found used that have also been on my list to get for a good while. Either books that I’ve gotten through on Audible and wanted the physical copies, or others by the same author 🙂

Anyway, so, apparently my brother got a look at my apartment, and he thinks I’m in a serious need of a purge. He wants me to get rid of a lot of it because some of it is literally sitting in piles on my floor.

I’m pretty sure he thinks that I’m a hoarder or something, and that I’d start getting the chills if I had to get rid of any of them. This may or may not be true. I’m adamant that it’s not like I have a lot of books, it’s just that my apartment is small and there’s not much room to put all of these in.

But! The happy ending in this story is that I might not need to get rid of any books at all 🙂 I could just buy some newer and bigger bookshelves to put them all on 😀 I’m so happy with this idea, I wish it had come to me a while ago. New Bookshelves! What was I thinking? Considering getting rid of some more of my books when I already did purge a whole lot of them :3 Maybe two little bags or so a couple of months ago.

I ran this idea by my brother, and I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m insane. He keeps trying to talk me out of y excellent idea by pointing out that we may have some hoarding aspects in our family, but I assured him that I had everything under control as I picked up some mystery novels in the local thrift store.

It was a pretty sweet find 😉

Anyway, this was just a quick post to let you all know how I’m doing on that front, and to assure every book lover out there that I won’t be getting rid of anything awesome or precious. I just need to hide them better, organize better, and start buying more books on my kindle 🙂

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? If you share this issue, how do you get it by your relatives? And what do you ay to yourselves whenever you add another book to the stack of books you have yet to read?




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One Response to So It Turns Out I’m Psychotic by Mandy Rosko

  1. jessmittens says:

    I still have a box of books I read as a child and teenager at my mum’s house, and my shelf is currently stacked two deep. I joined my local library and use my kindle more to combat the space issue. Sounds like you have quite a few books 😉

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