It’s Thursday! I’m Sitting in for Gerri! What To Do on Snow Days & A Surprise!

January 3 2014 snow stormFirst the surprise, I am doing a giveaway on Friday, Dec. 19, 2014 at  Come on over and visit and/or enter my contest!

On snow days, if you’re a writer, you do the following:

1) Write. Early morning writing while it snows is awesome.

2) Shovel or snowblow snow!

3) Make snow angels.

4) Go in and take a hot bath in something fragrant or bubbly. Vampire King Max recommends champagne.  Now that’s cold and bubbly and tickles.  You decide.

5) Take a nap.      6) Write.

You have kids and may or may not be a writer.  – New Plan! This is contingent on you not be able to get to the job.

1) Make a wonderful breakfast for everyone.

2) Pull out the craft stuff to make decorations or cards.  Coloring is very soothing. If you’re a writer, writing is soothing.  i find both pretty soothing.
3) Declare reading time for at least a half hour or more if everyone is into it.

4) Shovel snow. Then make snow angels and snowmen.  It is important that you do that.

5) Hot showers or baths.

6) Hot dinner with hot cocoa and movie time.  I also used this for writing or napping.

Sounds like a plan?   What do you do on snow days?  Tell us.  We want to add your fine ideas to the list!!!

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One Response to It’s Thursday! I’m Sitting in for Gerri! What To Do on Snow Days & A Surprise!

  1. I open all the blinds and just watch the snow pile up. Being inside and cozy is what I like best.

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