Huge Piles of Books to Read for the Holidays by Mandy Rosko

I’m sort of living the reader’s dream right now. I think during the month of November, despite it being NANOWRIMO when I’m supposedly not even close to having the time I need to read, I got a few books written, and then, despite having still a bunch more to get through from my TBR pile that I got from RT, I went out and binged and bought more.

A LOT more. Some of them are on my floor. There’s, like, no room for them, which means that I need to buy bookshelves in my spare bedroom and get rid of that enormous desk that I never use. Maybe my bro will want it for his computer time since he tends to get stuck working at the kitchen table.

too many books

The above picture isn’t quite to scale, I don’t have nearly that many books, and definitely not enough to do something cool, like make a desk out of them like I’ve seen some people do (if that wasn’t photoshop tricking me) but now my problem is this:

Too many books, and too little time. I’ll be going away to my brother’s house for Christmas, and then to our parents’ houses for a few days after that, and despite having a small stack I intend on taking, and a kindle, and my iPad, I worry about leaving some of these physical copies behind @_@

What if I want to read some of them? Or am I just going nuts? I can’t tell anymore, I need to hurry up and get those bookshelves. They’ll organize everything all nice and neat and make me think that I have more space than I actually do 😀

What’s your reading list like? Now that it’s December and Holiday season, do you use this time to rack up your gift cards for Nook, Kobo, Amazon or Chapters and just go nuts with reading? Do you get burnt out? I dunno, I guess I’ve been burnt out of reading for a while, and now I seriously feel like I need to catch up. Hopefully I can get a couple more in before the year ends and pick up my goodreads book challenge. The number of books it shows I’ve read this year is pathetic >.<

Cheers! And Happy Holidays 🙂 Wishing everyone out there has warmth, food, presents and good times for the season,



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One Response to Huge Piles of Books to Read for the Holidays by Mandy Rosko

  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    I understand totally. I also take part of my book collection to conventions and put them on the free table. But I’ve rebought some of them. LOL So I totally understand. A few friends of mine have turned spare rooms into libraries.

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