Burns Like Fire is Now Out For Preorder! Woot! by Mandy Rosko

burns like fire_ebook2

Here is the updated cover that will be coming with it. Notice the super awesome, mind blowing quote on there by NYT Bestselling Author Opal Carew? Sooooooooo happy to have that on there. I’ve decided to put it out on January the 6th, which should give me enough time to get my print version ready and hopefully available on the day of release.

It should also be a long enough time away from the release of the Captured Box set that not too many people should feel upset over this coming out by itself. For a while I’ve been saying that I’ll keep the story exclusive to the set until it was broken off, but after speaking with some of the authors, everyone decided that if I wanted to release it separately, then there’s no real harm done. I think everyone else already had their books sold separately as well, and I don’t have nearly the audience that they do.

I wish I could show the printed cover with the spine and back, but I think the file is just too damned big for me to put it on here. Later. I’ll get that one up later if I can. Either way, I’ll be going to Createspace fairly soon to get the printed files ready.

I’m a little worried about ordering proof copies this close to the Christmas Holidays because of shipping, however. I don’t want the books to come in after I’ve left for the holidays and then get sent back. I was also under the impression that Createspace did preorders, but when I called they told me they did not. Which was a little strange, since I could’ve sworn that I’d preordered self published pint books from Createspace before.

If anything, at least I’m learning more about this preorder thing. I also need to get on Facebook and ask if Kindle select will allow me to put books into print on Createspace. I’m only going to make the book exclusive for the first three months to see how it goes, also so I can get the five days free thing that they do in time for Valentines day, but after that I’ll be putting it up onto other platforms 🙂 For people who want to get it on Nook or Kobo, I’ll figure something out for them 🙂

Okay now, off to finish my edits!



Mandy Rosko


Burns Like Fire (Dangerous Creatures Book One) is now available for Pre-Order!

Captured Box Set is Now Available!

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