The End

What two famous and significant words! It is the end of my vacation and I really could cry. Thanksgiving was wonderful as was seeing my family and I’m pretty much out of days off for the rest of the year or more. Still, as I reflect back on these last couple weeks, I can’t help but think how there are some things that really do have a beginning and an end. We think so much in circles (the shape of the earth, the cycle/circle of life, the routines of our days, etc.) that I feel like the sudden end of my vacation came as a surprise. I mean sure there will probably be others in the future which in a way feeds into that whole “cycle” but I was so excited for this beginning and I’m so sad at the end and these are two very definite feelings.

At some point, I have to wonder if someone realized these defining moments with books. How is it there is such a prominent start and such a definite end? Where did once upon a time come from and who placed that first “the end” on the tail end of a book? I could probably spend some time researching the answers to my questions on google but honestly the mystery makes it all the more fun. As this year starts to wind down and come to a close, I can’t help but ask how this “end” is going to turn out and will 2015 “begin” in a very different way than this current year. Or do all of these beginnings and endings just feed into some greater cycle? I’ll let you decide how it plays out for you– I’ve still got to figure out what’s in the cards for me, most especially when it comes to writing!

Happy writing this week!

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One Response to The End

  1. Since first becoming published I have learned that writing the words, “The End” is only the beginning of the hard work. Marketing! Yikes!

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