Nanowrimo’s Over by Mandy Rosko

Nanowrimo’s done, I won! Yay! I’m also a little beat. The story isn’t finished. Another chapter left to go, but I’m insanely proud of getting 50 thousand words done when I already had to write a LOT of words for other stories I was working on. There was almost no free time, and when I had appointments to do anything else, there were nights when I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I managed it, and I’m beyond happy with it :3

Also, I bought the Winner shirt, and now I get to wear it and strut around and do all that other good stuff with it. It looks so amazing. Here’s the pic on the Nanowrimo website for you all to see:


Weirdly enough, I’m kind of sad now that it’s over. I’ve looked forward to the end to take a breather, but I’m legitimately saddened that it’s over. Weird :/

Okay, now, onto something other than Nanowrimo. I’m going to commission the Burns Like Fire cover to be touched up, and I’ve also decided to put it into print, which is going to be so amazing. I really love the cover artist I’ve gotten to work on this, and I hope he has the time to do these extra things I’ve asked for. Right now the book is off with the formatter to be done for Print and e-format. After speaking with some of the authors in the Captured box set, I decided to bring the book out a bit prematurely and sell it on its own. I’m hoping that will be all right, but now that I have the first draft of the third book in the series nearly finished, I think it’s a good time 🙂

I’ll post more about the series when I get details on my newsletter since Facebook is changing their policies.



Captured Box Set is Now Available!

The Princess’ Dragon Lord is Now Available at Amazon and B&N

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