Final Week Nanowrimo by Mandy Rosko

I’ve pretty much been ignoring my Facebook as much as I can lately with the exception of a clicking Like a couple of times, and maybe some small comments, because I’m just totally drained. I’m at 44k words for Nanowrimo, and I’m so close that part of me just wants to say that it’s enough and take the rest of the month off so I can finish working on my Siren books for this month.

I’m being slightly stubborn about this, and also a little crazy, and probably mean to myself. So many nice new videogames and books I have, and I can’t touch any of them until November is over ;_; At least not a lot. I can get small reading and game sprints in, but it feels like forever since I’ve been able to sit down and do something other than writing.

There’s also been a little bad news this month, and a children’s birthday party I need to attend on the 30th, so in order to get everything done that I need, I should probably try to get everything finished on the 29th.

I really wish that November had 31 days in the month instead of 30.

At least I will be done the 50k when the month is up. Not sure about the story itself, but I am close to just wrapping it up, which is nice regardless 🙂 Also, because I was a backer for the Fiction Unboxed projecting being done by the Self Publishing Podcast guys, my brother and I will get an hour to speak with them on the 1st of December. I asked for December because there was no way I could do anything else this month without needing to explode.

Anyway, just needed to get that off my chest. If anyone else is doing Nanowrimo, are you feeling like your head is about to explode as well? Are you on time? Behind? Or done? If it’s the last one then I’m super jealous already 🙂


-Mandy Rosko


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