Weather and the Writing Mood

I grew up back east. Not exactly the cold New England but neither the temperate southeast. I grew up in good ol’Virginia, right around DC. I loved the summers and hated the cold winters. I loved and still love the spring and fall but that unforgettable cold of winter, the kind that seeped into my bones, made the move to the southwest extremely appealing. It was beyond a matter of how warm or cold I felt but really how weather motivated and inspired me to work and act.

Have you noticed how the weather affects your mood? I’m sure if you think about where/when you’ve felt your best and most inspired or where in general you feel a bit “down in the dumps,” weather may have some sort of influence.

My trip up to northern Arizona this past weekend only brought back some memories of cold and gloomy winters where I have been less than motivated. I have a different view now. I still am not wild about the cold but I find it strange that now I am excited by the rain (something I definitely wasn’t when I lived in Virginia). It’s something so rare in the desert that when it does happen it creates an almost surreal environment which can be quite beautiful at times and very inspiring for my mood and my writing.

What about you all? When it comes to the weather, what inspires you to write or how does it affect your mood? Hopefully wherever you are, this November weather is proving helpful.

Happy writing this week!


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