Nanowrimo Week Three By Mandy Rosko

I really feel a little on the dead side at this point. The later hours are starting to catch up, and I’m torn between how much I’m enjoying myself, and how much I wish I could take some more time off of writing. I missed two writing days for Nanowrimo this month so I could catch up on working on my Siren books. I think I still need to hand in a cover questionnaire that’s a couple of days overdue, as well  -_- But I’m going to stick with it! I’m really happy with the word count I have for the next book in my series, even if I’m still fairly sure that it sucks. A lot.

Really suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks


Anyway, I’m 36k words into it, on top of the writing I got done for Siren, so even if I don’t finish it at 50k, that’s still a nice chunk of writing done on another project in a short amount of time. I just wish I would stop getting other ideas in my head that look so amazing. The other books are shorter. The first book in the series is novella length at 45k, and when I’m done with the second one, I imagine it will be about 50 or maybe 55k.

With the rough draft of this one topping off at 50k for Nanowrimo, I’m not sure how long it will be. I do delete paragraphs on my edits, but I also add in a lot more that was previously missed. I’m weird like that.

Anyway, aside from Nanowrimo, I’ve also spoken to Eve Langlais and a little bit to Opal Carew at the last book signing they went to at the big Chapters near my store—I bought a ton of books! ;)—and after talking it over I’ve decided that Burns Like Fire won’t just be exclusive to the box set anymore. It’s been exclusive for a couple of months, and now I’d like to try and put it into print and get it up on kindle by itself to see how it does. I’ll  need to update the cover first, and get it formatted to be by itself, but I think this is the right decision, especially if I want to publish the sequel by January.

My only worry is that I might annoy people who bought the set because the story was exclusive for the time, but I don’t have nearly a big enough fan base for that to be much of a problem. Hopefully 🙂




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