Nanowrimo Week 2 by Mandy Rosko

This is post is a little late based on the fact that I burnt myself out last night writing, and then completely forgot it was Monday night @_@

Anyway, it’s also Remembrance Day here in Canada, so this will be a short post 🙂

I’m nearly 30k words into my Nanowrimo novel, and though I’m starting to notice certain patterns that will play apart later on in the novel, and some characters are turning into things I didn’t foresee, I’m also starting to get really, really, tired.

I want to keep going, however. The later work nights are starting to take their toll, but I love that I have so much done on the third book in my trilogy, and am still caught up with the books I need to hand in to Siren. One of which I will be handing in today.

I’ve had someone on my facebook tell me I should take a break, that I could burn myself out and get bad writer’s block if I keep on like this, but I’m not too sure about that. I still feel like I need to keep going. Even though I’m ahead with the Nanowimo novel and not exactly behind with the Siren book, I still feel that inner twitch that says I’m not done.

Man, I haven’t touched a videogame in days, and any day where I have an appointment for something else is starting to feel like the absolute worst, because then it just means that I have even less time to get the things done that I need, writing wise.

On the plus side, even if I don’t finish my novel,  as of yesterday, combining both my Nanowrimo novel and the novella I’m working on for Siren, and I have written over 56K, so no matter what I’m still going to be wearing that 2014 t-shirt.  ;_;

Is anyone else doing Nanowrimo this month? If so then how far along are you? Are you starting to feel the funk? Other projects, work, or just life in general keeping you from getting to the keyboard?

If so, then don’t give up! It is okay to take a break from time to time, which is advice I really need to follow >.<




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