Getting Strange Paranormal-Scope and Giveaway News

We have the rains and the warm days.  Now it’s going to start getting cold in the northeastern United States.  There is an almost electrifying energy in the air.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Werewolves don’t always travel with the pack.  Sometimes you have to stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions. Do not let other put words into your mouth.

Owls survey the wood at night until the details reveal themselves.  Don’t let any information you receive upset you until you have the facts.  Keep emotions out of everything this week.  Be the owl.

Shapeshifters are great friends. They have a sense of  balance in life.  They know when to give advice and when to be silent.

Dragons know when it’s time to step out of the cave into the open air.  A change of scenery even going out to lunch will change the energy.  Breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Faeries know when it’s time to sparkle, and you’re about sparkle this week.  Smile, dress well and be upbeat.

Vampires have befriended you and to your benefit.  They have news of new opportunities.  Be sure to listen and then check it out.

Temple cats go to the temple for sanctuary.  It’s a place to rest the brain and be serene.  Find a place that feels the same for you.

Whales are deep sleepers and dreamers.  They use their rest to energize their long trips.  You need to nap more for energy.  Let your body tell you what it needs.

Elves love discussion.  This week you will enter into a lot of discussions.  Look at it as a place to collect information, brainstorm with colleagues, and collaboratively create new connections.

Pegasus has come to you for one reason. Destiny time.  Time to soar. Don’t let fear hold you back from your true purpose.

Pixies never get along. Put that aside and listen to all viewpoints so you can collect as much information as possible before making an important decision.

Hobbits don’t care for rumors and neither should you. Avoid the gossipers too.  Start a new hobby to clear your mind and inspire you.

Now for some exciting events happening this week:
Friday, Oct. 24: I will be on my News page on my website as part of JoLynne Valerie’s Halloween blog hop.  I will be sharing news of giveaways/contests on that day.  I will also be sharing a list of all the other blogs in the blog hop.

Friday, Oct 24 -31:  I and a pile of romance authors will be on The Romance Studio Spookaloosa
spook5_promoSat., Oct. 25-31: On Nights of Passion Blog (right here), the passionate crew, some guests, and I will be doing giveaways on and off throughout the week.  I will kick off Sat. Oct. 25 with the incomparable Rebecca Royce and her shifters and demons.  On Fri., Oct. 31, I will be Stacy Hoff’s guest and giving a very special prize to one lucky contest winner!

Now I’m ready for Halloween!

Susan Hanniford Crowley
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo


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