How Much is Your Dream Worth to You?

I’m a published author. I’ve been traditionally published in fantasy years ago in anthologies. I’ve been published by two CT Authors Nightsmall publishers in romance, and I’ve republished books when I have received the rights back.

Quite a while back, I was at a talk where the  author said that Book 2 of her trilogy was unavailable because her current publisher was not reprinting it. Her fans would only have the first and last book available. That was before the ebook gained prominence. I know other authors who have received rights back from their traditional big publishers to their older books and they have self-published the reprint. They didn’t want to disappoint their readers.

I understand that completely. When I’m not working on a new novel, which I currently am feverishly every single second I can get, I’m looking over two books that I want to put back out again. One needs more editing and some expansion. The other one needs editing, some expansion and a new cover.

A lot of people think that an author writes the book and they send it in to a publisher who buys it and that’s it. Their part is finished. No. You are assigned an editor to work with you and there are edits and proofs. Then when you get your date, you begin your advertising. Most authors now do a large amount of advertising and promotion on their own. And at the same time you are writing the next novel. It’s a never ending cycle.

I’ve looked at promotion packages and since in my day job, I do social media promotion and have a huge background in advertising, I am hesitant to hire someone to do what I can do myself. When my books grow in popularity, that would have to change. Being an author and promoter, I have to manage a balance.

Believe or not, in that balance is the family. Authors are real people who have family and friends that expect to see them. They walk their dogs and play with their cats. They go to the movies. Being stuffed in a home writing book after book can make you overtired if not a little crazy. Recently a friend reminded to celebrate when I reach a milestone, such as; when I finish a book and turn it into my publisher. I should go out and celebrate. I’ve actually been rewarding myself with my to read list or going out to a movie. It’s important to take that time to regroup and have fun, so you’re fresh when you write again.

I’m living my dream as a writer. How much is the dream worth to me? I’ve invested everything in it, and I’m living the writer’s life. It’s amazing. I love it when readers visit with me at conferences and take photos and ask for signing. I love being on panels at conferences and giving workshops. I’ve been developing a new workshop. I love meeting new people, and I smiled when I found out that I have a lot of gentlemen who are my readers and couples too.

I love my characters. Even when I’m not with them, I’m usually thinking of them.  I’ve talked to writers that became discouraged just after their careers took off.  They feel the pressure of writing all the time and some have told me they lost the fun.  I hope never to lose the fun.  Every moment I write is fun.

How much is your dream worth to you?

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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