Author Anxiety, Part II – By Stacy Hoff

my debut novel, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES, is hard. As a mother, I can personally vouch releasing actual babies into the world is much less traumatizing. After all, what Facebook friend would post under my baby’s picture: “Your newest delivery is horrible”? None too many, I’d hope. But in my author persona, can I be so sure of positive responses when my fictionalized “baby” is released?

I won’t be waiting too long to find out because my September 17th release date has just passed. Gulp. I’ll find out real soon what emotional “tough stuff” I’m made of.

My writer friends have helped me. They’ve told me all reviews are good. That’s because even bad reviews have a positive benefit—they give helpful feedback, which makes us better writers. It also exposes us to healthy literary debates. And if nothing else, they thicken our fragile skin.

Of all the benefits I’ve gained from joining writers’ group, the support system has been one of the best. Knowing I’m not “going it alone” has given me the strength I need to keep going past release day. My best advice to any newbie, “Get thee to a writers’ group, go!”

Who do you lean on when you’re anxious?

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4 Responses to Author Anxiety, Part II – By Stacy Hoff

  1. malanouette says:

    I can’t wait to read it, Stacy. I’m sure all the reviews will be sparkling.

  2. Anna James says:

    Love the post, Stacy. I feel your pain. It’s easy to say just brush off the bad reviews but much harder to do in reality. The best advice I can give – Keep the faith!

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