Writing, It’s More Than Entertainment

Why do so many of us write? Even more, why do so many of us writers strive to continually improve our writing? Most of us do it because we are storytellers at heart and it is a passion. Creating these stories in our mind and letting play out as we get to know our characters is a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of time. Still, writing has its other uses too.

There is a tote bag I see when I go into Barnes and Nobles. It reads a quote that goes something like this: reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. I have to think that writing is of equal importance, especially for those who are interested. It keeps our imaginations and minds alive!

For my day job I work very closely with retirement investment vehicles in the financial industry. Sounds glamorous, huh? Not really, but it does five me great perspective on how to save money and a realistic view of what many are facing in retirement. I see so many clients, family members and friends spend their whole lives saving or not, without giving much thought to what they’ll do at that point in their lives (at least beyond travel). Perhaps writing and more reading can be a part of the equation. What I’m getting to with all of this ramble scramble is that writing is more than entertainment, it is exercise for the mind and food for the imagination and soul. This is all the more reason to stick with it even when those rejection letters come our way.

Happy writing this week!

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