Author Anxiety by Stacy Hoff

My romance novel’s release date is coming up. So is my lunch. Fear and anxiety is hard to suppress.

Perhaps the real reason behind the panic of “will people like my book?” is that authors think book reviews and purchases (or lack thereof) are a referendum on us, personally.

Will I be hailed as the next Nora Roberts? Or shunned as a mere wannabe? Be recommended by Amazon? Or relegated to page six of a Google search?

It’s easy to take things personally as a writer. After all, our stories are our babies. But unlike our actual children, our books are things over which we have full control. We could have taken the story in a different route. Could have created something funnier, deeper, more meaningful. Why didn’t we, darn it!

Hence, the anxiety. We may be letting people down. People who had high expectations for the book they bought. Who now think we stink on wheels. Sigh…

Do we give up? Or go back to our well-worn keyboards and try to do better?

I’m taking a deep breath now, and hoping for the best. Geez, it’s tough out here. And on release day, it’ll just get tougher.

What gives you anxiety, and how do you handle it?

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2 Responses to Author Anxiety by Stacy Hoff

  1. Amy says:

    Beautifully written. I think you really should take that deep breath,Stacy..but only because there are many wonderfully breathtaking moments ahead in your life as a writer!

  2. jamiebeck says:

    Good luck. Don’t worry about all that noise. You wrote a book, sold it, and are having fun. That’s what counts. Can’t please everyone, so be sure to please yourself. PS…you mentioned a cover reveal on FB, but I don’t see it here.

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