Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Not really. There will be no spoilers here because I won’t be talking about any particular series or book. However, in my never ending quest to figure out what other people think on subjects that don’t really bother me, I want to know about spoilers, so some franchises will be brought up, though sparsely.



Now, for the record, I’m weird in the sense that I like spoilers. I’ll often ask for them whenever someone is speaking to me about a tv series, or a game, or books, and they falter in their descriptions, not knowing if I’ll get angry or not if they spill that one thing that was so amazingly awesome that they just had to talk about it.


For the record, I’m the type of person who has seen movie trailers online, and then gone off and read the Wikipedia page to figure out what happened because I couldn’t be bothered to actually sit down and watch the movie. I used to read the last line of the books I’d bought before starting to read them. Sometimes I don’t want to be spoiled in my books or games or movies, but that’s rare, and though I’m sure it has happened a time or two, I can’t ever recall being upset over being spoiled.


Now, from the forums I’ve read online, I’m starting to think that I’m the only one with this sort of mellow attitude towards spoilers. People get downright angry if they come across spoilers in online forums, which leads to all kinds of arguing. The usual response to the backlash of spoilers is that, anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled shouldn’t be in an online forum dedicated to the thing that had just been spoiled. Another comment I see a lot is that enough time passed since the release of the book or game or movie, that no warnings should be needed, since it’s assumed that most everyone would be familiar with the material.


Of course, the people who had been spoiled, who are then being told these things, are still none too impressed, and the arguing continues, with both sides believing themselves to be in the right.


When I think of this, the scene from the Simpson’s comes to mind, the one where Homer is coming out of the theatre, and accidentally spoils that Darth Vader is in fact (Spoiler) Luke Skywalker’s father.


spoiler-alert 9


I think of this because, number one, it’s funny, and number two, I imagine the people online are just like Homer. They didn’t spoil anything with the intent of being mean or rude or thoughtless. They’d just assumed that, being in a forum dedicated to the object of their affection meant that everyone had to be familiar with what was going on.


I’m willing to bet that a fair number of readers here read series books, or watch a few series shows on TV, whether it be Game of Thrones, or Supernatural (Which I asked my brother to tell me how it ended, by the way, which makes me want to start watching it again because it was that awesome). So for that reason, I’m genuinely curious and want to know, how many of you have been spoiled on something because someone online said something, or even a person in your day to day life. I imagine someone had to have been spoiled about the Red Wedding thing (I’m purposely being vague here). I mean, that book came out years before the actual episode was even being filmed.


How do you handle it? Does it make you angry? Or does it make you weary to look online about the thing you’re currently investing all your spare time into? This goes back to my curiosity over how someone would react in this situation, I think because, in part, it baffles me, and I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who hates being spoiled.


I’m tempted to ask what the worst spoilers anyone ever got were in the books they’ve read, or the shows they’d watched, but then I think that might create problems in the comments section 😉



Cheers, and always beware of spoilers in fan forums,



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