A Good Book and. . .


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I don’t read as much as I used to–too busy writing these days–but when I do, I still find that reading is hard work. I always need sustenance for all that exhaustive brain power that goes into reading.  So nowadays I always have a cup of hot tea and some cookies at hand when I pick up a book.  I used to eat apples–some times two or three at a sitting while I was reading.  (I remember picking that habit up after reading Little Women because Jo ate apples when she read.) The crunch factor was awesome!

Now that I think of it, what I read has often influenced what I ate while reading.  I remember reading One Hundred and One Dalmatians as a teenager–the original book, not the Disney version–and going into the kitchen to make buttered toast to eat when the dogs in the book at it.  Not usual reading fare, but it still sticks in my mind.

I’ve found that writing is a different story (pardon the pun).  Usually, because of my eclectic schedule, I stay up late at night to write.  Quite often I find myself eating to keep awake.  I’ve always got my hot tea by my side, but I’ve found I’m not really picky about what I eat while trying to keep my eyes open and focused on writing.  It just has to be crunchy.  From potato chips to nachos to cereal, whatever it takes to keep me going just a little bit longer. (Last night it was potato chips, the night before cheese and crackers.  Is there any wonder I battle my weight constantly?) It’s especially tough right now as I’m under the gun on edits for Beleaguered, which comes out in a little less than two weeks.  I foresee many late nights–and snacks–in my immediate future.

Do you have a favorite snack you like to indulge in while reading (or writing)?  Does your reading ever affect that decision?

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5 Responses to A Good Book and. . .

  1. I’ll have to try apples 🙂 I usually go for popcorn or candy – but when I’m trying to keep the scale from going up, it’s a piece of gum I use 🙂

  2. Daryl Devore says:

    Wonder what it is about apples? Dorothy L Sayers – English mystery writer – used to sit in the tub – dictate her stories and eat apples.

  3. melissakeir says:

    I’m not a big eater while writing because my fingers are messy on the keyboard. I try to have a soda by my side with ice that I can chew on. Yep, you know what they say about chewing on ice. 😉 I can’t wait for Beleaguered.

  4. I don’t eat when I write, but I do drink diet soft drinks or coffee when I’m working. The only time I eat when reading is over lunch when my iPad is propped up on the table in front of me. Watch out for those carbs, Jenna!

  5. What a fun post. I love fruit and tea while reading! Interesting that when I write (and am not expecting) I love Guinness and popcorn.

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