From 8Pi-Con and More to Come

Our day started slow with getting registration and badges.  I was on one panel that that talked about How to Be A Good Panelist.  I met the Women of Broad Universe.  They have set up their room like a store and my books are there for sale.   I also met up with some other friends from other conventions here.

When you’re on some many panels and events like I am,  I you have to pay attention to eating.  I went to the bar and ordered a salad.  I chatted with Ceceilia Tan there.  The salad was huge, I put half in the little refrigerator for tomorrow.

I have two photos to share.  There will be more up next week.


That’s me trying to do a selfie.   I will get better with practice.  I’m hoping to get people to pose for me this convention.  So much of my time is scheduled.


There’s my badge with my Broad Universe pin on it.

You can’t see it but it has an author ribbon on it and also a ribbon that says “I met Allen Steele at ConClave.”  He was passing them out to a few people like me.  LOL  You’re also seeing my name in the program and my I love the Vampire King of New York.

I will be doing all I can to get more photos of the fun and enchantment of  Pi-Con.  Saturday I’m going to be crazy busy.  But I will stop people for photos.

Have a happy weekend.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

P.S. The print book for Vampire King of New York is in a lot of places.  It can also be found at Amazon.


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