Social Media and A Grand Birthday

Hi everyone, Waves!

If you’ve seen me do that before, then you’ve seen me on Facebook or Twitter or both.  Some people have told me that they are twitteruncomfortable with certain social media.  One friend told me she doesn’t like Twitter.  Another one uses Twitter in a different way.  She likes long conversations that Twitter does not accommodate. That doesn’t daunt her in the least.  She puts two sentences in each tweet.  To know the whole conversation, you have to read each of them.  (Giggles and falls down.  I’m up.)  I love Twitter, but it does make you work to make your few words memorable.  This particular Twitter symbol goes to my Twitter.

More people are comfortable on Facebook.  Though Twitter now lets you share photos, you’ve always been able to do that on Facebook.  You can facebook largemake your Facebook private (for family and friends only) or public (so the world can see it).  Members of my family have made their Facebook private as there’s a lot of family photo sharing going on, family news and so forth.  My profile is public and originally started as my author’s platform.  Publishers usually request that author’s have some form of social media platform and a website and/or a blog.  When you use your profile page on Facebook, you have a limit of 5,000.  For authors, the 5,000 limit isn’t good enough, so they usually get the Page sometime referred to by some as the business Page, and used to be called the Fan Page.  I’ve added the Page and since I don’t want anyone to feel left out, I usually have the same things on both pages.  I also love groups on Facebook.  I belong to about 30 different groups.  On some I will spend extra time to chat.  You never know who you’ll meet there.  This one is also set to my Facebook Page.  Since my profile is close to 5,000 friends, we might as well populate the other page.

Another social media which is thoroughly enjoyable is Pinterest.  It’s sort of like an online scrapbook.  You even have the option for secret pins.  I haven’t made any but I’ve seen the option.  If you’re an author, you will want your book covers there with one link where they can buy them.  Ifpinterest you are a shop owner, you will want to photograph your featured inventory.  One item each photo and add the link.  Always add a description.  It’s also great for sharing photos with the world.  Remember if you share a photo on Pinterest, people may use it and not necessary credit you.  Always add your link.  Some people put their copyright on their photos and do not want you to use them on your blog or website without emailed/written permission from them.  Always examine a photo closely for those copyrights or if they have the name of a company or person on them.  Always get permission. If it’s for sale, it’s up to you.  If you can’t get permission, pass it by. In the meantime, just have fun.  Make Pinterest friends, by repining and loving or hearting their pins.  The Pinterest symbol here will send you to my Pinterest.

I’m going to choose another time to talk about Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Goodreads.   I do want to thank Carrie Loves for her free social media icons.

Now for the Grand Birthday!  My dad is 85 years old today, and we’re having a party.  Anyone who would like to send greetings, feel free to use birthday cake gifthe comment box.  Just say “Happy Birthday, Grandpa!”  He’ll love it.  He is a dad, a grandpa and a great grandpa.  Until we talk again, have a fun Saturday and be safe.

– Susan
Susan Hanniford Crowley

P.S. Buy Vampire King of New York!  It’s vampire fun and romance and a hot time tonight!  Giggles. It’s available at Amazon in print and Kindle, Barnes and Noble in print and Nook, and at Kobo.




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One Response to Social Media and A Grand Birthday

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Great post, Susan! And Happy Birthday, Grandpa! 🙂

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