Is it Friday Again?

What are you reading this week? I’m reading Storm Front by Richard Castle.


Isn’t it amazing how fast the days of the week fly by. I can’t believe I’m sitting here in front of my computer racking my brain for something to write. It was just Sunday and I was internally complaining because I had so many chores of the non-writing kind to get done. That I actually didn’t write at all last weekend.  Time consuming projects that I had volunteered for gobbled up my time. It’s given me pause–I’m behind where I should be this year on writing for many reasons.

Emotional times in one’s life doesn’t always feed the creative machine. It fact, it becomes a brick wall that stifles the imagination. Sickness, death, jobs, even moving can cause those  blank stares –you know what I’m talking about. You turn on your computer. The screen comes to life, you crack your knuckles, place you fingers on the keys and then… Then you get up. Get an extra cup of coffee, a glass of water or a snack. Or better yet, all three. Once you’ve collected all of those items you sit back down, poise your fingers over the keyboard again…and stare at the blank page.

Is there anyway around it. Yes there is. Just start typing. Type your random thoughts. Your feelings, anything that comes to mind. By the time you reach the bottom of the first page I’ll bet your mind is back in your book. Instead of jotting down nonsense, you’re opening up the file with your latest story. Before you know it, you’ve put one thousand words or more down on the paper. Now doesn’t that feel good.

Yes there are times the well is empty, but that is a good time to do the  research for your next book. I find research steeps you in facts. It makes you think, ask questions of where this story is going and why. Not bad, right? You’re back in a story, thinking, creating and moving forward.

Good luck! Happy Writing.


About Marian Lanouette

Marian pens mysteries with strong romantic elements.
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6 Responses to Is it Friday Again?

  1. Well said, Marian! For me, the well is never empty. My problem is, I resist going to the well! I think of a million procrastinating reasons to stay away from it, even though I know from experience that once I do, I stay. And, stay … Weird, right? 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Life has thrown me quite a few distractions lately, including moving. Once you fall out of the habit of writing, it is sometimes difficult to get back. Like ZsuZsa, I need to just stop procrastinating and WRITE. Good post.

  3. Terrific Post, Marian and you just described what happens to me so often, lol, Too much procrastination and excuses not to carve time out to write.

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