What A Writer Needs – Part 3: Memories

I was speaking to a friend recently about my vampire series and the minor character of Lily Snow that sometimes has a small part in my books.  She smiled and said, “I know who Lily Snow really is.”  I laughed.  Like Alfred Hitchcock, sometimes I cannot help myself by playing a small part in my stories.

Everything you are, have been, seen, experienced, and explored, not only are memories but also research for your books.  volcanic%20lagoon1This is a picture I took when I was in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon.  I didn’t use it in my series yet, but who knows.  I won’t use the name of the exact resort but I may talk about Vikings swimming in a  volcanic lagoon.  It’s not only the view that make this memories, but the feel of the silica mud on your feet, warm and soft.  Some people said it was too hot.  For me, I was in pain at the time I went and I was wonderfully soothing.  I wanted to buy some of the mud because it leaves your skin so soft.  I was relaxing and I had to be very careful not to lose track of time. There is a large clock on the patio there.  If you go past your time, then you’ll miss the bus going back to the airport and pay a small fortune for a cab to take you instead.

When I went to Iceland, I was there for only a few hours.  But the experience has created in me a wonder to know.  I research everything Norse.  I’ve read some of the sagas, especially those regarding shape shifters.   Did you know that it’s uncommon for a family to all shift to the same animal?  It’s more common for each person in a family of shifters to shift to their spirit animal.  One son may be a bear. Another an otter.  A daughter an owl.  I found that out from reading some of the sagas.  I’m not done yet.

There’s also another mystery for me to solve there.  I want to know about the legends behind the trolls.  I did use the Norse gods in Vampire King of New York.  But there is so much more in Iceland to discover.

There you have it–an example of a memory and how to use it.  You also have an author cameo example.   So don’t feel guilty about any vacation.  Sooner of later you will give that memory to a character in a book.   Happy writing!  Joyous reading!

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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